Jennifer how was..

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Jennifer how was..

Your first day back at work? Wasn't that today? How did drop off go and everything? how did they say Sophia's first day went?

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It went great, but I missed my baby girl so much! Pumping at work sucks, but I'm sticking with it. I was able to pump enough for 3 bottles for tomorrow. My desk wasn't too crazy and my boss even took me and my department out to a nice lunch to welcome me back. I guess I was so excited to have some adult interaction that I just kept talking and talking. My boss looked at me so serious and asked "did you drink a lot of coffee this morning?" LOL!

Sophia did great! Much better then when she is normally with me. She hardly ever naps during the day with me, but she took 2 long naps while she was there and was a very happy baby.

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I'm glad it went so well! I think it's sweet she napped so well at day care, it's like if mommy isn't there to hang out with what's the point of being awake? Smile

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Glad it went so well!

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I'm glad it went well.....Alli is like that here. My brother actually WOKE her up to feed her yesterday because she was just sleeping

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glad it went well. With Abby I returned to work at 6 weeks. I kept thinking about that on Monday b/c Kessler turned 6 weeks Sunday.