just a few things...

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just a few things...

1. I made the crib bedding, valance, bumber, skirt, but wont be using it. I am not happy with the way it turned out, and as I predicted, the bumper doesnt stay up becaise there are no tie points along the back.

2. had my liver/gall bladder/splean/kidneys/pancreas sono today and everything is perfect! No visible reason for my issues.

3. Got Aisley's car seat! The Britax roundabout 50 was on clearance at target for $77!!!! thats a really good deal. it was actually my parents baby gift, but they live 1200 miles away so i did the shopping. I dont use it right away, i have a Graco carrier for the first few months. We have Sunshine Kids Radian for her, but it doesnt fit rear facing, so the britax will be used till she is 2 so she can remain rear facing. And its pink!!!!

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WoW! You have been busy!! Sounds like good news overall. I am sorry the bumpers did not work.

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Sounds like great news! And a fantastic deal on the carseat:) Sorry the bumper did not work out.

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Glad everything turned out well at the sono, though I know it's still frustrating not knowing what's wrong.
Sorry the bumper didn't turn out.
Great deal on the carseat though!

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Wow... you got alot done! That's an awesome deal on the carseat. We ERF too. I hope your drs can get you some answers soon.

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Glad everything is going well! I love the Britax!!! Great price!

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I've been in a sewing mood, too. I wonder if it's the nesting thing. Sorry your bumpers didn't suit you.

I'm glad you got good reports from your tests, but I hope they are able to pinpoint what is going on soon.

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Good to hear all the tests are looking good. You could always go back and add tie backs into the bumpers. It wouldn't be hard to make ties from leftover fabric and use a seam ripper. Unless you really don't like the overall look and then I suppose I wouldn't go through the trouble. I'm still debating on sewing or buying mine. I guess I'll make the final decision today when I stop by Hobby Lobby to see my choices in fabric.
Oh and you manage to find the BEST deals all the time! JEALOUS! Crossing my fingers that my trip out today will at least help me find some good consignment shops.