Just starting to roll over!!

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Just starting to roll over!!

Only took almost 6 months, but she finally did it! Is she the last roller on the board? I forgot when it is that fullterm babies roll over. Any crawlers yet?

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My kids were early rollers and crawlers. They all did the reflex roll in the hospital (like when the were NB in the hospital they would roll over), but didn't 'officially' rolloveruntil closer to 2-3 months. My middle one was full on crawling between 3-4 months. This one has been crawling/rocking since about 4 months and up on all fours since ~5mo?
Just yesterday I was looking at pics of my oldest at this age and all of them she is pulling herself up, standing poses. I look at that and think Wow! I never thought about how advanced she was, she was my first so I had nothing to compare her to.

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Congrats on your roller :). All my babies were early movers. Caleb started rolling at 8 weeks and army crawled around 4 almost 5 months. He's up on all fours crawling a bit but usually just prefers scooting/army crawling. Like my first he isn't too interested in being on the floor. He's more focused on trying to pull up, and standing at the couch or coffee table. He tries cruising but hasn't been terribly successful yet.