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Just thought...

I'd fill ya'll in on the other stuff from my US.....lol. I was at my brothers when I checked in earlier. Anyway little miss was being stubborn...at first she had her feet basically in her crotch so we couldn't see. She did finally move and we were able to get a good shot of the "3 lines". Everything looks good. I LOVED my tech as she had the monitor where we could see it the entire US. She's measuring pretty big (which I know measurements can be off) but even with her "estimates" it put little miss barely under ONE POUND and I am only 19 weeks.....doesn't surprise me much as DS#4 was measured at almost 4 lbs at 28 weeks. And he was a pretty big baby. Not to mention her daddy is about 6'3 or so and 250 lbs. And I already kinda knew but the reason I haven't felt much movement is my placenta is Anterior......funny thing the only other one that I had an anterior placenta with was DD. As soon as she put the wand on my belly I was like thats the placenta huh? She asked how I knew and I was like I just knew....lol

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so glad all is well and congrats on another girl! your daughter must be so excited!!!!

so nice having a good tech, your very lucky Smile

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I thankfully had a wonderful tech at my appointment today too instead of that horrible woman I had last time. Weird that you had an anterior placenta with your DD and have one now with this baby and I have one with this baby girl as well. I wonder if it's a girl thing. LOL!

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Congratulations on your girl! I'm glad it was a good experience.

BTW I have anterior placenta with our little girl, too. Maybe it is a girl thing. Smile

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Congrats on your girl!

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Congrats again on your little (big :p) girl!