Kai's (very long) story

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Kai's (very long) story

Kai Robert born 10/14/2011 4pm
9 pounds 2 oz, 21 inches long, head 14 inches
Thursday afternoon at my OB appt my doctor stripped my membranes and said I was 4cm dilated and 60% effaced and his head was really low(-2 station?). I had been having mild sporatic contractions for a couple days prior and that stayed the same throughout the night. But I kept getting up thinking I was constipated and needed to use the bathroom(these turned out to be contractions). I never did poop but this rectal pressure just got more intense throughout labor.
At 9am Friday my OB broke my water but contractions never intensified. At that point I was only at 4cm. For 3 hours I walked and bounced on the birthing ball but it didn’t change anything. So at noon I laid down and got on the monitors and they started a tiny bit of pitocin. A half hour later they upped the dose but I was already having pretty painful close together contractions and asking for an epidural. Waiting this 45 min was the most painful part of the day. I got my epidural at about 1:15. At that point the nurse checked me and said I was at 5cm. Everyone assumed that it would still be many hours before Kai’s arrival. I had a great epidural, I could feel my toes and the pressure in my bum but no pain. It was a little freaky at first and they had to turn down the epidural medication because I was numb all the way up into my boobs and I couldn’t take a full breath because it was affecting my lungs. Shamus turned on my hypnobirthing CD and let me tune out. The pressure in my bottom just got worse and worse over the next couple of hours and finally turned into pain. The nurses did their shift change at 3pm. At about 3:30 I asked my new nurse if she had another pain medication that might help that pressure/pain since the epidural wasnt doing it. She said “yes but, let’s check your progress before we do that”. When she check me she said “Guess what? You are COMPLETE, you can start pushing!” I was so shocked that I buried my head in my pillow and started crying for joy! It took me a little while to process what she had said. DH, my SIL and my neice just started cheering! The nurse was shocked too because she had just taken report from the other nurse about my long hard labors. She didn’t have anything set up yet. I asked her if she would get the doctor and she said “Not yet, why don’t you push a few times to see how effective your pushes are with your epidural” I pushed through one contraction and she said she could see his head and to wait while she got my doc. I had to wait through 3 contractions but my contractions were so effective that he was moving out even without me pushing. As the OB was throwing her clothes on the nurse was quickly setting up the instruments. Shamus had wanted to “catch” baby and I had wanted to look in the mirror but there was no time for that. After 2 pushing contractions his head was out and after 2 more his body was delivered. So total I pushed through 5 contractions for a total of like 10 minutes. He was born at exactly 4pm. It had only been 4 hours since they started my pitocin! Compared to 24 hours in labor and 4 hours of pushing with Reef and 17 hours in labor and 2-3 hours of pushing with Finn I was in complete shock! It just all happened so fast that I had to keep asking myself it it was real. I kept thinking I was in a dream. I couldn’t even goto sleep that night because I kept waking up to check that I really wasn’t pregnant anymore. I am still amazed that it was so easy! He was 9 pounds but to me he felt like a tiny baby, I didn’t even feel that ring of fire, he just slipped out. I only had 2 stitches. I wasn’t even tired after we were done.
We did end up having to stay in the hospital 48 hours longer than we planned. When Kai was 24 hours old he started running a fever of about 100.2-100.4. It is odd for newborns to have fevers so the pediatricians there thought he might be getting an infection. So they started IV antibiotics and did a bunch of tests. They never figured it out exactly what caused the high temps but he got better quickly and we came home yesterday afternoon. I enjoyed having the extra time alone with Kai getting to know him and recovering in a comfortable place.
Kai is just perfect, he has long fingers and toes like me but besides that he looks just like Shamus and Reef. When he is looking at me I feel like Reef is looking at me, it is eerie! He looked a lot different from the other boys at birth because he didnt have the squished face and the horrible cone-head that they had. And he was mellow and alert from birth because he didn’t have that traumatic long birth. He has been super gassy but that is the only time he has cried. He took to the breast right away. But when he isn’t eating he is sleeping, I almost worry that he is sleeping too much. His first night home he slept from 12:30-7:30 am! He is very strong and can practically already hold his head up on his own!
The boys got to see him an hour after he was born. Finn was super excited to meet Kai. So much so that he accidentally ran into another woman’s hospital room whose baby was crying. My friend had to run in to get him. He jumped right up on my bed and started kissing Kai all over. Reef was the opposite. It took him about 15 minutes to even come all the way into the room. After a little while he slowly came up on the bed and stared at Kai and touched his head very gently. He had lots of questions, I think he was just very worried. He wanted to know if my belly still hurt and if Kai could come home with us.
Thank you all for your support and helping me get through this pregnancy. It was really emotionally difficult for me. But now our little family is complete and I am so relieved never to have to go through it again! Biggrin

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What a great birth story! I'm glad your boys love him already. How sweet that Reef was worried about you. I can't wait to see little Kai's pics!

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What a great story and yet again another pumpkin pie that just slipped out. LOL! Seems almost all our babies are being born that way. So glad Finn and Reef are in love with him. DS kind of had the same cautious reaction as Reef. Except he pointed to Sophia and asked "Is that coming home with us?" LOL! Took him a little while to warm up to her.

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Such a great birth story! It does seems that almost all the pumkin pies are just slipping out.

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What a great birth story! I'm so glad you had such a wonderful quick birth. I couldn't have said that last sentence any better! I can't wait for pics of your little man!