Karen (K_Lo) had Caleb!!!

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Karen (K_Lo) had Caleb!!!

Got a text a little bit ago...

Caleb Gabriel is here!!!

Born on October 18th at 1:42 PM
9 lbs 3 oz
21 1/4 inches

He's perfect! Karen didn't get the VBAC she was hoping for but is happy to have him here safe & sound!

Here's a pic...

Congrats Karen!!! Love the hat & Caleb looks adorable!!!

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Congrats! Caleb is so cute!

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Congrats! Caleb is a cutie!

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Congrats Karen he's precious!

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Congrats!!! whata big boy Smile

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Congrats, Karen! He's a big boy!! Smile

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CONGRATS KAREN!!! He's GORGEOUS! Blum 3 Wow! 9lbs 3oz SWEET!!! He's a little man ALREADY!!! Smile