Keep us in your thoughts/prayers tomorrow :)

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Keep us in your thoughts/prayers tomorrow :)

We're driving 7+ hours from AL to TN to move our furniture into the house we rented. I need NO LABOR vibes lol

The cramping/contractions have continued but I mostly only notice them when I'm sitting in bed at night. If I'm up and moving around I don't get them (or don't notice them).

Got a massage today from a friend so I'm hoping that'll help my comfort level some tomorrow! But my stress level.... 7+ hours alone in the Explorer with a chatty 3 year old and a semi-spastic Jack Russell Terrier... I'm hoping that since I have to drive, it'll go faster lol

Hope y'all have a nice weekend, be back next week!

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Have a safe trip! I'll keep you all in my thoughts and prayers :).

Boy do I hear ya on the chatty 3 year old! I swear they can't have a thought without needing to say it out loud! Hopefully she takes a good nap :).

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Oh my... Good luck! Don't forget to drink water & get out & stretch every hour or 2. That would be my hardest... When I get in the car for a long trip, I just want to get there & never stop. Smile

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I'm totally with Anita! I hate stopping on long trips. Best of luck - I took a trip with my chatty 3 year old (4 hour drive) earlier this summer. It was good, but I was exhausted afterwards. Stay hydrated and stay all fueled up (with snacks!). I'll be thinking of you Smile

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I hear ya on the chatty little girl. Mine never stops either. Good luck on the trip! I pull off at rest areas sometimes just to stand up and stretch. It seems if I stop at an exit I'm there way longer than planned. Darn convient stores.

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Have a good trip! Good Luck - hopefully they'll be a good nap for Miss Chattypants and the crazy dog! And yes stop alot to stretch!

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T&P's!!! Hopefully the drive isn't too stressful and yes stretch a lot!!!

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Good luck!!! Peaceful, no labor vibes coming your way!!

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Safe travels! Hope its uneventful and stress free Smile

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Good luck and Safe travels!

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Good luck and safe travels!

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Thanks ladies!

I'm like a lot of you... once I get started driving, I just want to go-go-go until we're there. Luckily it's not a HARD drive, just long. Interstate or 4 lanes all the way! Biggrin

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Oh my! Hope everything goes well! You are very brave for having to move in your condition! Good luck!!!!

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I hope it goes well and you aren't too uncomfortable!

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Have a safe trip!!

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Eeeekkkk!!! That sounds stress inducing. Good luck Mamma!!!! Just remember to breathe.