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Kick counts

Is anyone doing kick counts? Baby Kai has not been moving like he was a couple weeks ago and it is making me nervous. He had been super active so it is a big change. I have never done them before. Do you just count every little movement? He is moving, it just usually takes some prodding to get him to move, does that count or do they have to do it on their own?

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Have some juice and then lay down and count every movement you feel. They can nap for as long as 90 minutes, which is why they tell you to do it for 2 hours.
It is very normal at the end for them to become quieter. Sometimes it is an early sign of labor.
if you are really worried even after the juice+2hours then call the doctor or go in for a NST.

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Things have slowed down here too. To be honest, I just think to myself, oh its been a while and then am more attentive. I have a glass of water and if I feel something within the hour I let it go. Might not be the best strategy, but if I started doing kick counts Id get a bit too obsessed about it.

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I do kick counts every day and have been since 28 weeks (my OB requires it). I lay down after dinner, and when I feel the first kick I jot down the time. I have to get 10 kicks within an hour. If I don't, I'm to get up, walk around, and lay down and try again. If I don't get 10 kicks in the second hour, I'm to get up and go straight to L&D. They're a good thing to do daily, even if you don't write them down, as baby only decreases/stops movement like that if you're about to go into labor or something could be wrong.

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Yeah, it's slowing down here too. I remember it did with my last two pregnancies too. Still makes me freak sometimes. Wink
I do the "if I haven't felt him in a while I'll poke him" then if I don't feel him in 30 minutes or so I'll go lay down and concentrate on it and have something cold. I think it's 6 movements in an hour then try for another hour after moving around/eating something/drinking something.
Usually when I get concerned enough to think about it I get 6 movements really easy. I count if I poke him.

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I don't do kick counts either, I just pay attention that he is moving regularly. I do know it's normal that as baby runs out of room they move less. I've noticed my LO has also slowed down a bit, still moving lots, just not like he used to.