Kids at the hospital?

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Kids at the hospital?

Speaking of the flu....So when I had DS, I lucked out and no kids were allowed at the hospital (maternity wing) because of the bad flu viruses (H1N1) going around. I LOVED it! I get so nervous about myself, my newborn and germs, I didn't want any kids to come visit. I felt bad, I love kids, but I wasn't taking any chances on getting sick. How do I tell people if they come visit, not to bring their kids??

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You can tell them since it's cold and flu season you prefer not to have any young children.

Plus, it's usually hospital policy that no children under 12 years old (except siblings of the newborn) are allowed to visit anyway. Personally, I'd just blame the hospital lol

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When I had DD anyone under the age of 18 was banned (hospital policy because of H1N1). And, I agree, I loved it.

I'm very straightforward so I don't have a problem letting people know that they can't come if they are sick. I also make everyone wash their hands before holding the baby. I've also found that sometimes adults can be more of a problem than children... sad but true.

I'm NOT a germ-aphobe (sp)... just look at my house LOL. However, in a baby's first 4-6 months of life, they are building up resistance to many things. They are more delicate. Not to mention there are several infections (RSV, etc) that are very scary for LOs that young.

If you aren't as straightforward, I would definitely blame the hospital. Inform the nurses of your wishes... they are usually more than happy to help with situations like that. Do you have any other family members or friends that could help run interference for you? I would also double check the hospital policy (if you haven't already done that). They may not allow young children regardless of H1N1.

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My hospital will only allow siblings and grandparents, as well as of course DH. However, if there is anything going around, the limit the visitors even further, to only adults (so DH and grandparents).

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Our hospital only allows siblings. Just explain that you would prefer kids to visit once your in your home and thta you don't want to disturb other patients.

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I didn't allow visitors after DS except for grandparents & my one GF who was present when DS was born. If you don't tell people until you get home then they won't know where to find you.

This time I might depending on how I feel. But the folks I would have visit me in my most vulnerable state, I have no problem telling to "WASH YOUR HANDS!!!"

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When I had Robbie he was in the NICU and only adults that I approved were allowed in. I did have our triplet nephews visit before I gave birth but I was ok with it. Since there had been other preemies in our family (such as the triplets) everyone automatically washed their hands when they came over after we left the hospital, and asked permission to hold Robbie.

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The only kids that will visit are my own I'm sure......I've never had any othe rkids come visit me and I've already had

That said I am probably wayyyyyyyyy more lenient when it comes to visitors or strangers than some of you Smile Cole was at his brothers' Championship Football game at 16 days old......OUTSIDE in DEC. course we are in Texas so it wasnt cold.

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Our hospital doesn't allow children except for siblings ever, not just during flu season. DH has a 10 year old brother and he was so mad about being the last one to see our kids lol. I was happy though because he's such a brat and it I didn't have to take the heat for keeping him out :p.

I'm pretty lenient too about germs and people around my newborns, both my kids went to DHs hockey games at under a week old. Although I am careful no strangers touch them!

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I most definitely am not afraid to say wash our hands before you come near my baby lol. DH was VERY adamant about that with DS, it was actually quite cute. I don't mind people who aren't sick visiting, but I think this time I am going to say the hospital won't allow children. Of course I want DS to come in, but that's it. Thanks for the advice!