Last Dr's appt!!!

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Last Dr's appt!!!

YAY! I had an appt today and was bound and determined to figure out a way to get an induction scheduled. Dr did her evaluation and another membrane sweep. I have slowly worked my way up to a "2" and 80% effaced. I guess the office has my due date set as this Friday. Dr. originally wanted to wait until 41 weeks before inducing. I explained my complicated work situation and the difficulties I'm having walking and standing. She decided to go ahead and do the U/S and NST today instead of next week and schedule an induction for next week. U/s went well. Baby was covering her face and has some hair on her head! Weight guesstimate is 7 lb 3 oz. NST showed good heart rate fluctuations.

Induction is scheduled for next Tues afternoon (Oct 18). I will be 40 weeks and 4 days. Dr's only concern was increased risk of c-section if my cervix isn't "ready" but baby-wise she felt it was safe to move it up a few days to accomodate my work schedule/maternity leave. I tried to not be demanding but I can't afford to go weeks on end without pay because the baby isn't here. Dr. seemed a little short with me, but hopefully baby will come on her own anyway and we won't even have to worry about an induction! I am just so relieved to know there is an end in sight!

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That is good. I know how hard it is talking to your OB when you have something in mind and they just arent cooperating! My last appt I broke down in tears because she wouldnt do my induction sooner! Mine is set for Friday on my duedate. I am the same way though, have my fingers crossed he will come on his own before that but at least we have a date that we know for sure it will be over! Hang in there woman!

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I'm glad your dr cooperated and you got to schedule the induction early. Hopefully you'll go on your own before then though!