Last time to this time.

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Last time to this time.

I was putting the pics from our camera onto our external hard drive, and got distracted looking at old pics. I found the first one I took in my last p/g. This was at 20 weeks and the one from this time was 16 weeks I think they look pretty similar in size. Scares me a little as I also looked at the one when I was 40w +2 and I was HUGE lol Anyone else compared there pics to last time.

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You look awesome! As for me...Yes! I've been comparing mine as well.

The first one is me at 19 weeks, 3 days with DD. The second one is me (before eating, I bloat a LOT with food in my stomach!) at 16 weeks, 2 days with this baby.

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Last Pregnancy about the same time

This pregnancy

Link to my family website that shows me at 18 weeks. Started off a little skinnier last time. But now I'm realizing how fat my face got around 25 weeks! Yikes!

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I am way bigger this time! Last time I didn't start to show until about 15w, then popped out lol. I really have to get some belly pics uploaded!

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lol!! I am huge already - but this is #4 for me and I didn't really lose the tummy after #3... I'll get a pic up one of these days... Smile

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I was alot smaller last time. I look at my first pregnancy alot to see how different it is. It's neat to see!

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I'm much bigger than I was the first time. But I'm not really sure about the second. My first 2 were so close together that I popped out quick, my stomach muscles were really shot. I think I'm about the same as my 2nd now. People ask me when I'm due already, so I'm certainly not smaller!