Legs aching

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Legs aching

I have always had swelling of my ankles with my pregnancies so that is not new to me at all. However I don't remember them aching, in fact my whole legs ache. When I wake up in the morning they feel like I have already walked 10 miles. Today I have done practically nothing, hair appt, some vacation packing, lunch out then on the couch all afternoon. They are swollen so I have them up but they ache really bad too. Anyone else have the pain too?

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My OB had me increase my calcium and potassium for my leg aches & crampiness last time. Maybe you need an extra boost too. Bananas are a quick source of potassium but the calcium boost may need a supplement. My OB had me take mine at night. HTH!

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It's weird, but I don't have pain in my leg, it's more the area where the Femur (or whatever that leg bone is) connects to the groin...so it's more the groin area I guess you can call it. My left leg in that area aches to the part where it hurts to lift it to put on pants or underwear...like I cannot use any type of muscle in it at all. The other day i was being lazy and wanted to close a bottom drawer with my left leg and it hurt to try to use that muscle...it's weird. It's been going on for like a month now, but I just keep letting it go since nothing is swollen or anything.

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Yikes I hope your legs are feeling better soon!

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I have achy legs too, just exactly how you described it. I had it with my last pregnancy as well, and having a banana a day really did help!

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Most of us are around the time of the pregnancy when our iron is getting low which will cause fatigue and muscle aches/soreness. If you are feeling out of breath as well it's possible your iron is getting really low. I just started taking an iron supplement as I always get anemic when I'm pregnant and the first sign is a sore sore tired body that doesn't want to do anything. You don't get near enough iron from prenatals and most of us won't get it through diet alone. You can always ask your doctor to do a simple blood test for iron as well.

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Thanks guys nice to know I am not alone lol Sally I had breathing issues in the beginning and started on iron before I was 12 weeks. But my iron has repeatedly been above average for a pregnant women lol Hoping they are not too bad over the next couple of weeks as I am on vacation.