Let the calls begin

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Let the calls begin

The pointless "check in" calls that are trying to seem casual ... really don't think it was necessary for my sister to call me to tell me my nephews 1st communion is May 12th .... really? It flip flops between my mom and my sister and when I don't answer or don't call them back they make my dad call .... ugh .... I know it's with the best of intentions but it's SO ANNOYING!! You really don't think I'll let you know when I'm in labor????

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Sorry they're bugging you! My family knows that I'll just stop answering my phone if they tried, so they leave me alone.

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I've never had annoying phone calls from people, thankfully! But yes, you would think they would know that you will call when the baby is coming!! Smile

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My mom was the worse at this. She would call me everyday and ask "anything yet?" Ugh! I always wanted to scream, "I live across the street from you!! Don't you think I would tell you if I'm in labor!!" LOL! She did predict that Sophia would be born on September 16th which is my deceased grandmother's birthday so she loves to rub in that she was right about her birthday! Smile

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Think it's starting here too. I just wish my parents would communicate so I don't say the same thing twice. I talked to my mom on Saturday and could hear my dad in the background yelling at the TV while watching GA Tech. Sunday afternoon I get a call from my dad to chat about how Nebraska beat Wyoming (brother in law went there and I live in NE). I think it was just an excuse to call, but really dad? I just talked to mom yesterday. I go two weeks without talking to either one and then I have to spend a total of an hour between the two. DH was totally annoyed!

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I had to tell my Mother to stop freaking out & thinking the babies are coming if we don't calk her back within 4 minutes. Calm down & stop asking. You'll know when you need to know.

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My Mom is a L&D nurse so of course she wants details on top of calling everyday. Even after I spell it all out for her she asks me a bunch of questions(many of them wayyy tmi to share with your Mother!). I know the feeling!

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I'm not getting the calls, but I travel to three schools daily and get asked the SAME questions at each one!

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They are so annoying. My dad is still texting/calling me on a daily basis (multiple times a day usually). I ignore him completely until I have something I need to talk to him about, then i call back. Really annoying. Thankfully my mom isn't so bad. She calls once a week or so to check on us all and chat, but she doesn't ask the aggravating "Anything yet!?" questions. She said she figures we'll let her know when things start up and she's not going to bug me about it. Thank god.

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My family knows not to bug me too hard, but when we're there I do feel like a watched pot! They analyze how I'm walking, how low he is, everything! Its annoying, but pretty funny to me. My mom did this at the end with my first 2 kids as well. She was sure DD was going to be a 35/36 weeker.... I had her at 41 on the dot!

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I am 35 weeks with twins and everyone thinks I should have had them by now. I get calls, facebook messages, texts, almost constantly. I'm very tempted NOT to say anything when I do have them. I even had one person asking me if I'm sure I haven't had them :rolleyes:

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DH's family is starting to call more. He is a boy, and boys just don't calll as much but they have started calling every other day. I think it is cute. He is not quite sure what to talk to them about.