Let's do POTW!

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Let's do POTW!

Anyone want to do a picture of the week (POTW)? If so, then the obvious choice for this week is Halloween!!!! Let's see those costumes!!!!!!

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DD as a Black Cat

Kessler was in a snuggly coverup/snowsuit that has ears on the hood to look like a little bear. DD wore it all winter when she was a baby. And then he went in the Moby wrap and I LOVED it.

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Savannah was a princess. Owen was a monster.

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I love the pics!!!

Lindsey (I hope I got your name right???), I have that same "bear cover" for my little guy, only in brown! Smile We haven't had a chance to use it yet though.

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Sophia was a bumblebee and DS was Bumblebee Transformer

If any of you are my FB friend then you probably saw my post about being too embarrassed to post our family pic we took last night because I didn't realize my milk jugs were falling out of my shirt. LOL! Well here's the picture. Unfortunately its the only one we took because Sophia was so fussy and hated her costume so we had to take it off of her.

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My bumblebee

And Gillian (she did have a halloween outfit, and spit up all over it before I could get a pic)

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He had a few different costumes...

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What a fun thread!

Here's Callie as Little Red Riding Hood.. I sewed this costume BEFORE Conor came along Wink

And here's Conor as a puppy. Our neighbors across the street gave it to us as their son outgrew it!

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Aw such cute pics! I need to get mine up! Bumble bees were popular this year, that's what my DD was too :).