it was on the list....Kessler's Birth Story

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it was on the list....Kessler's Birth Story

Kessler Jay's Birth story

The guys were in full swing harvest mode. Denny was working until 10:45 some nights. Two unexpected days of rain allowed for a rare break in work. Denny just had to truck two loads of corn on Saturday (October 8th) and he was able to come home. He was also getting Sunday off. We decided to drive up to Yankton, SD (45 minutes north of us) so he could go to an archery store and we could eat at a mexican restaurant we liked. I also had a very long list of items that I wanted to go ahead and get from Walmart. Earlier that day I was on a crazy cleaning spree. Every little piece of clutter made me feel crazy. I made DD organize her toys in the basement and lost my temper once or twice. (totally feel guilty about that) Denny was home for about 30 minutes and had just gone into the bathroom to shave and take a shower. At 3:50 p.m., I felt like I needed to pee, so I went in the bathroom and then realized that it couldn't possibly be pee. The water/fluid just kept coming and gushing. I remember just saying, "uh oh, on no, um.....crap" I grabbed a towel and basically made a diaper from it. ROFL I Waddled downstairs and said, " water just broke!"...his response of course is, "You're kidding". I told him to go ahead and take a shower. I needed to pack and make phone calls and I wasn't contracting. I was worried about not having contractions b/c I was only a fingertip and thick the previous Thursday. Fast forward nearly an hour and I had everything figured out, trash bags and towels on the seat and a wash cloth shoved in my underwear....can you guess what the first item was on that list I had??? Yup. I didn't have any pads.

We took DD with us and friends were going to come get here later that evening. Oh and Thank goodness we weren't in Yankton b/c the hospital is 40 miles south of us. It would have put us 80 miles from the hospital!

I had to go through the ER entrance b/c it was past 5:00. I walked in grabbing tissues trying to wipe my leg and said, my water broke! They know I'm coming. they sat me in a wheel chair and I still had to sit there and sign a few papers while fluid just kept running everwhere.

Got settled in and contractions started coming. DH took Abby to get McDonalds and they told me I could eat b/c no pitocin or meds would be started until tomorrow. We put the Nebraska game on TV, Abby went with our friends and we got ready for along night. I assumed it would be late into Sunday before anything happened.

Around 3:30 the contractions were taking my breath away and making my legs buckle while I was walking. I was at a 4 and went ahead at got the epidural by 4:00 a.m. I got some sleep and at shift change, the nurse said she was going to empty my bladder. I warned her about Abby's birth. I was at a 3 when they finally remembered to empty my bladder after tons of fluids and I was complete in less than 30 minutes. So same thing happened! I went from a 5 to complete pretty quickly after she emptied my bladder. The room remained so calm and easy. They set up and it was just my nurse and kessler's nurse in the room. Dr. had checked me around 7:30 and said he'd stick around b/c I was so close. It was about 8:10 when I started pushing. On the first push I started laughing b/c I just couldn't believe how calm and easy this whole experience was compared to Abby's. We seriously talked about the Nebraska game (biggest comeback in NE history) in between pushes. At 8:57 Kessler was born. His scores were 9 & 9. He did awesome from the start. I did tear in two places, but compared to the episiotomy from last time, this recovery was a cake walk.

Of course we ended up back in the hospital for jaundice wednesday night but left by thursday at noon. He's doing great and my parents made it up on Sunday just after he was born. It was awesome to have them b/c my mom would ask if I had soemthing and my reponse was always, "Well it was on the list!" She went shopping and got everything that I needed. They stayed until yesterday, so it was emotional yesterday with a quiet house.

If you made it this far through all my details, then you certainly deserve a pic!!!!

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He is such a little sweetie!!! So cute.

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He is adorable! TFS.

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Great Birthstory! Love the pics. He is just so adorable!!!! TFS!

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What a wonderful birth story! Kessler is adorable Smile TFS!

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Beautiful story and pics! I'm so happy for you that you had a good experience Smile

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Beautiful story and I love his newborn pics! He is adorable!!

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I forgot to add how abby was doing with him. The first day she didn't care about him, but in her defense, she stayed with our friends and had a blast on Sunday riding horses, playing with kittens, chasing chickens and yeah, she didn't really want to leave their place. WAY more fun than a steril hospital. Now she is an awesome helper. She loves to rub his head, help burp him, and always runs to get birp cloths or diapers as needed. She's pretty awesome.

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That is a wonderful story. He is adorable.

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What a great birth story! TFS those pics, they're just too precious!