This little baby...

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This little baby...

Has been Kicking and rolling all night long and it hurts! Didint get much sleep either because both girls ended up in bed with us at some point last night and DD2 didnt like the fact that DD3 was sleeping next to me so she wedged herself between me and DD3 and I had to sleep {or not} like that most of the night and than I was back up around 430 because little one started up with the rolling and kicking..ugh.. nap time cant come soon enough today..sorry didnt mean for this to turn into a mini rant...

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I just realized this morning that I've had about 3 nights without being interrupted by kicks. One can only hope that he'll come out with his nights already figured out! right?????
Sorry you had such a bad night though. There's times when I feel the same about nap time and it's always the day that DD ends up rolling around and talking to herself and not taking a nap. I will admitt that since she's nearly 5, I've been known to fall asleep during nap time while she's doing that. At least I can trust her or that would not be good!

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Sorry you had such a rough night. My dd still winds up in our bed sometimes, and pets me all night long in her sleep.

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I had a rough night last night too. Insomnia to begin with, them about time I got to sleep, DD got in bed with us, then she flip flopped all night. My legs are a bit swollen so they get tingly if I don't elevate them, which sucks and wakes me up.

Hopefully tonight will be better for us all!

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I know what you mean. I don't get much sleep these days either. I don't see sleep in my future.. so I am just going to get used to it!

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I don't have LOs crawling in bed with me yet but I'm not sleeping well... at all. I can't even blame it on kicks or anything. I can't even blame it on needing to pee... I can make it most of the night without having to go. I just can't sleep because of pain. I toss & turn all night. Oh... & vent away... that's what we are here for. Smile

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I feel for you....

Except, this one likes to be active during the day. This little boy is often in nonstop motion from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed. I had a long meeting yesterday (8 hours) and he moved the entire time. So uncomfortable....

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My LO did that the other night. I was seriously getting worried about a cord accident! (DS1 got so tangled in his cord he was breech and couldn't turn!) I'm sorry about all the LOs in your bed making it even harder though! I'm so glad my kids stay in their own beds, DH is enough of a bed hog!