a little late, but 4 month update

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a little late, but 4 month update

Kessler had his 4 month checkup last Friday. He is 13.8 lbs and 25". I asked dr. about his head starting to flatten a little and he said it wasn't that bad. He said what I'm mostly seeing is where the two bones in the head come together and while it is slightly in, it should pop back out without any problems as he gets older. He also showed me how to turn his head a couple of times back and forth at each diaper change b/c the reason he prefers to sleep on the back of his head is that his neck muscles are slightly tight.

Sleeping was going great until a little white spot on his gums appeared last week! He's trying to cut a tooth, but I fear this will go on for quite some time because there's been very little change in it over the course of this week. Sad

Here's a 4 month pic of his. It's been of facebook, but I know some of you guys aren't on there.

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All of our babies are getting so big!! Good news about his head. Sorry to hear about the sleep though. We've been going through that for 2 months now and Sophia's tooth still has not broke through. She wakes up about every hour so she's in our bed for now. I'm hoping to move her to her crib at 6 months, but she's so attached to me right now, I'm not sure that will be possible. Hopefully his little tooth will come through soon and he'll start sleeping better for you!

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Oh my goodness, what a cutie! Good luck with the sleep battle, we're fighting our own here!

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He is such a cutie! Does he have blue eyes? What color are your DD's eyes?

I'm glad he doesn't have a serious flathead issue! Good luck on the teeth, Caleb got his first two about a month ago and his sleeping still hasn't improved! But now he's working on his top 2 :(.

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You take such good pictures.

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"pwbattist" wrote:

You take such good pictures.


Karen - I think he is going to keep the blue eyes! DH has the blue eyes. DD has blonde hair/brown eyes, so I was thrilled when I realized that Kessler's eyes seem to be staying blue like DH's.