Little scare yesterday

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Little scare yesterday

I think Sophia loves to keep me on my toes. I have been so accustomed to feeling her move and kick all day that when Sunday night came around and I realized I had felt no movement all day, I freaked out!! DH kept me calm and said that she probably is just resting or is kicking toward my back. We were at my parents beach house so I didn't bring my doppler which would have made me feel so much better. I spent most of the night trying to get her to move, but nothing was working. I even woke up this morning at 3AM and started crying. I just had a terrible feeling that something was wrong. I kept quiet because I didn't want DH to worry. Well today at about 7AM I woke up to my little girl just kicking away and I guess she is making up for the lack of her kicking yesterday because she has been nonstop today. I don't know where she was yesterday, but I'm so relieved that she is back to her usual movement. She sure did have mommy worried!!! Whew!

Do any of your LO's do that often?? DS was very active and I felt him everyday so this was very unusual for me.

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Mine has the odd lazy day every once in a while, about once a week, but even on her quiet days she's still giving some strong kicks at least every couple of hours. Glad Sophia decided to reassure you with lots of movement!

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I haven't had any movement in 2 days now. But my kids especially the first were so lazy. She never moved. I wouldn't worry too much other than we leave for vacation next Monday. Don't really want to worry all vacation, especially in a foreign country. I am off to drive 1 1/2 hours to meet my sis and niece for the day, today. I figure if still nothing tonight I will call the midwife tomorrow morning. To just put my mind at ease before we go away. Glad Sophia was just having a rest Smile

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This baby did that one day. I was JUST starting to get worried about him when he gave me a swift kick!

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Glad she started kicing for you. It's funny how they have big days when they are crazy and others when they just rest. I'm not looking forward to a foot in my ribs later on in the pregnancy, but now it's fun b/c the kicks are so low

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This LO is completely opposite of DS. DS was CONSTANTLY moving, like never stopped! It was strange when he was finally born and I didn't feel him moving at all anymore, I had gotten so used to it. With this one, its very almost "gentle". He/She kicks a lot, but its here and there. There are longer periods when I don't feel anything, then I will feel kicks for 20mins straight.

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I'm glad she was resting.

I don't really know what it's like to feel crazy movement all the time. DD hardly ever moved. I can probably count on 1 hand how many times DH was able to feel her. I couldn't even do the recommended kick counts because I would only feel her sometimes twice/day if I was lucky. BTW she came out just as laid back and was an excellent sleeper from about the 3rd week.

With this LO, I'm still waiting to see. I have felt him (but not what I would consider regularly) but his movements are different than DD. I've actually been wondering where my placenta has moved to especially since my low back has been killing me. I go Thurs for the detail U/S so I should have more info about that then.

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I mostly feel the baby at night when I lie down. A lot of times I don't feel her at all during the day. It does make me a little nervous sometimes, but eventually she comes around to kicking again.

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My DS was like that, I can't say I'd go a whole 24 hours without feeling him, but he'd move infrequently sometimes, my MW said some babies do that during growth phases. Maybe Sophia was just too busy growing it do much kicking :).