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Little Update on Me

So I haven't been posting much...I usually post at work, but I've been so busy here lately. I have been basically going to the dr twice a week for apts because of my low fluid. Ugh its a PITA! It keeps going down to a 4.5..then up to a 6, and above. When it was a 4.5 I had to rush off and get a special dopplar u/s to check blood flow. (all good) Every time I go, I get a u/s, speak with the dr, then a NST. She's perfectly fine from all the test, HR good, measuring perfect. She does however keep turning sideways, which not only hurts like heck, but could possible cause issues with my section. My doc doesn't think its a huge issue because he said its easier to turn a transverse baby on a person my size. So I go back again on Thursday for my next apt...if things are good I will probably go in Tuesdayish for another apt...THENNNNN I am scheduled for the 21st to meet my little girl! This pg has been 100% different from DS and I am SOOO ready to be done! lol.

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That is frustrating, but I'm so glad to hear that the baby is still doing well!! At least you really are to the very end now, and you can meet your new baby girl soon. Hang in there!!!

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Sounds frustrating, but the end is in sight! At least you do know for sure that everything is ok with your little girl.

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What a hassle! I am glad everything has been good but I am sure you are worn out from all that running around and worry. And OUCH for her turning like that! And sucky that you are still working! I hope the next couple weeks go quickly for you!

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I'm so happy your LO is doing well and that they're keeping such a good eye on her. Even though I'm sure its a pain for you to have to be monitored so closely! But it's almost over and you've done such a great job baking her!