Little update on us... (incision pic *may be tmi for some*)

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Little update on us... (incision pic *may be tmi for some*)

I'm still in the hospital but we are doing great... we get discharged tomorrow morning. I could stay longer if I like and I do like it here for the drugs and the bed/nurse care but it's soooo noisy and busy! There's a baby that's been crying since 1am in the room next to me and and it's now going on 9am!! I asked the nurses what is going on in there and they said the baby is hungry and mom's milk hasn't come in yet. Well my milk never comes in until day 5 and Markus has been sucking the life force out of me since he was born and last night around 4am he had a complete meltdown on the breast. I asked the nurse to get me just a 1/2 ounce of formula to help him over my milk hump and we gave it to him and he sucked it back in 5 gulps and went to sleep immediately! He's still sleeping the little stinker! Every baby I've had has lost over a lb the first week waiting for my milk to come in and this time I'm not going to do that and give him a little something! He's had two days of colostrum so I'm not going to beat myself up over a spoonful of formula (which obviously made him extremely happy). It's been hard listening to this baby cry and cry, poor little thing is just starving (and it's driving me nuts to listen to as well!!)

Everything is going well, have had all the normal csection recovery fun times... first walk, gas pains, incision checks, cramps, which drugs work, which ones don't, etc. Overall it's been super easy I would say and million times better than the first csection I had (they do a lot of things differently since then). I also would not trade this for Clara's natural vaginal birth either, I'm soooooo glad I chose the csection! I've heard a few women screaming up here and as soon as I heard those screams I just knew how right this decision was for me! I never want to experience that again and I didn't have to and never will Smile I'll do up a birthstory but long story short for now it ended up being a piece of cake and the recovery has been really good too. We ended up with a healthy baby and my pelvis feels GREAT! We can't believe it! I can actually get up and down and bring my legs up and off the bed with zero pain. I traded the pelvis pain for incision pain but that's getting better each day and isn't near as painful as the pain I was in. With the spinal I had they give stuff so you are painfree the first 24 hours and then I was getting morphine so life has been very good. The csection was a very good choice because it turns out during the surgery my OB said my uterine scar area was paper thin and could have very well ruptured during a vaginal birth. Chris and I just breathed a sigh of relief! I also had my tube clamped during the section so I'm thrilled this pregnancy is now over and I'll never experience another one again. I'm really looking forward to enjoying life with the four wonderful children that I have and getting active again :):)

Here are pics on FB if anyone missed them (I keep adding to them everyday) and here's a picture of my incision on day 1. It looks like 2 scars as I have a bigger one there from the ectopic/laparotomy I had in 2005.

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Sounds like you're doing amazing! And I know its hard hearing that newborn cry, but I'm sure its ok!

Your incision looks great!

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Looks great! Glad M is doing so well.

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Sounds like you're doing wonderfully! I'm glad your pelvis pain has resolved so well. Hope your recovery continues smoothly.

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Sounds like you are doing great and baby is happy! Smile That poor baby next door to you sounds like what little Sophia was going through the 2nd day. It's so hard to listen to, but thankfully it didn't last long.

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I'm so happy your recovery is going so well. I hope mine goes just as smooth. Smile

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I hope your transition home goes well. Glad it is all working out and Markus is doing well!

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I'm glad you were able to go home so soon. Markus is adorable! Also, your incision looks great! Keep up the quick healing Smile

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I'm glad your recovery is going so well and that you're feeling so much better now! Markus is such a cutie!

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I'm so glad everything is going so well. Yay for going home. Congrats again!

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Thanks for the update. I'm glad things are going well!