Looks like we have a name :)

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Looks like we have a name :)

After much debating back and forth, it looks like we are finally settled on a name! Jillian Rose.

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Very pretty! Love it!

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*lurker from November '11*

sorry to party crash, but I really, genuinely love your name pick. I especially like that the name sounds so good for both a sweet little baby and a high-powered professional woman down the road!

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What a beautiful name! I absolutely love it! And Rose is a personal favorite, it's one of DD's middle names :).

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Love it! Smile

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I love the choice. Such a beautiful, feminine name. Congrats on making your decision!

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Love it! I love how well it goes together. I bet it feels good to finally decide. Congrats!

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Beautiful name! Congrats!

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Very pretty! It goes nicely with your older daughters name too. Smile