Loose joints(warning lotsa whining)

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Loose joints(warning lotsa whining)

My hips just arent working anymore! This seems a little early from what I remember but my joints are already getting loose! At first I thought I mustve strained my groin muscles but it has gotten progressively worse over the last 3 days, now it has spread alll the way around to my outter hips too. Sleeping is impossible. When I walk I feel like my hips are made of rubber, they just seem to slip all around. It takes a lot of focus to walk straight, I must look like my 90 yrold Grandma! And it HURTS!!! Nothing I do helps and no position is comfortable. I am having a hard time making it though today with my 2 and 3 yrolds! We are normally very active but everything we normally do has been put on hold and they just dont understand why. I have an OB appt scheduled for Thurs but I am pretty sure she will just say "you are pg, get used to it!" !:( I have gotten off pretty easy so far; only a touch of m/s and extreme exaustion but nothing else really until now so I really shouldnt complain but...I am just feeling so pitiful at the moment!:fallingbricks:
My DH came home at 4am lastnight from being away on business for 8 days. I really wanted to make it to the store today and bake a cake for him so we could celebrate Father's Day tonight but that isnt happening so that has me bummed too.
C'mon, let's have a pity-party, what is bothering you ladies today???

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My ankles look like they belong to a old lady or an elephant. They are as wide as the widest part of my feet, and I have wide feet anyways. It sucks lol Today they had gone down when I woke up but within an hour were swollen right back up again thptttttt is all I have to say.

Hope you get some kind of relief when you see the Dr on Thurs.

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Bummer on the hips! My hips this time & last time kept me tossing & turning at night. It started super early this time though. But, I haven't had any problems with them feeling loose. I bet you can thank the pg hormone relaxin for that.

I'm ridiculously tired. I have no energy. My brain wants to function but my body won't keep up with everything I want to do. I spent so much time at the beginning being so sick with m/s that I just want to catch up & do stuff. Clean, organize, play with DD, go out with her &/or my DH... but I'm just soooo tired. This pregnancy is kicking my rear!!!

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Sorry to hear you're having a rough time. I've been having a pity party for almost 2 weeks now. My feet hurt so bad and my ankles look hideous. I have double rolls from my leg to my foot. Within an hour at work, they're huge. Last week they had me work at 12 1/2 hour then a 14 1/2 hour shift back to back. I'm still disgruntled about it. The water weight gets me real upset. I'm trying to watch my weight, then I gain 4-5 lbs. in a day. We must all be in the same hormonal boat.

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I'll join in on the pity party. Little miss has wedged herself into my left hip. I can barely walk with the pain on that side, so spending 8 hours on my feet is torture.

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Eeepp...hope everyone has a little relief.

As for me, been getting a nightly migraine sometime around 4-5am. Had them with my son as well. Although this time around I have been able to manage my pain more.

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Need I mention it?....

My grumpy bladder....:(. I feel for you on the hip issue. I haven't really had problems with loose joints in my hips yet, but the other day I could have sworn that my left shoulder joint was about to dislocate. It wasn't really painful for me--just uncomfortable. Maybe the pregnancy hormones are the cause.

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Sorry to hear you're having such pain! That sounds aweful.
My only complaint is I often feel like someone has been punching my pelvic bone. It often feels bruised. Other than that I'm doing pretty good.....of course I'll probably swell up like crazy when my body hits the heat and humidity of Savannah, GA

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I am sorry you all are in pain.

I want to whine that I can not sleep anymore! I am so tired but without fail I wake up at 3:45 every morning. That is beyond stupid!

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I'M SO TIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why is that burst of energy we get so short?!?!??!?!?!? I was having fun staying up past 8 30 and being productive ... Sad

My hips have been hurting me too - last week real bad, but they actually seem better this week - maybe I'm just used to it or I'm too tired to notice.

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Oh yay a pity party!

I'm with you Jules. My hips are killing me. Just like you said they slip all over the place, and even taking my kids grocery shopping kills me! It's crazy how different subsequent pregnancies are! Things just happen so much sooner now.

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"scotty620" wrote:

I'M SO TIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why is that burst of energy we get so short?!?!??!?!?!?...

I'm still waiting on my burst of energy. :eek:

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OMG!!! something has really come over all of us... My entire body is in pieces.....no strength in it whatsoever.... I am hoping it is a short lived phase for all of us and soon we will all be well ... SmileSmile