Lots of updates!!

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Lots of updates!!

Well, Went to my 21 week dr apt yesterday and baby is sounding just perfect, as always! I took my laptop and showed my midwife the U/S and she too said that is a questionable position to determine gender. She's not convinced either, LOL! I'm getting another U/S in a few weeks just to make sure Kyan is indeed a boy. She also loves his name Biggrin She says it sounds just great!

I got my results back from the downs syndrom/other fetal tests and it came back that he's in the clear for any kind of diseases! He's perfectly healthy!! I'm excited about that one. Smile

I haven't gained anymore weight, which surprised me, considering how poorly I've been eating lately. I've just been eating everything in sight. I'm on the see-food diet Wink

I am so excited about getting another ultrasound! I'm also going to schedule my c-section for Sept 23rd. That way it'll be a weekend and DH can have time off. Although I don't get to schedule it officially until my 28th week, that's the date I'm shooting for.

Kyan is doing great and growing like a weed. He's a lot more active and really senses when daddy is home because he goes NUTS! It's sooo cute Biggrin

I bought his car seat today. It's like brand new w/3 bases for $25. So none of that aggravating re-adjusting the seats when we're in different rides. Got one for me & dh plus one for whoever else may need it Smile I can't wait to buy more stuff for the baby! This is getting exciting!!!

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Sounds like you had a good appt. I know what you mean about "see food" diet... I've kind of been feeling that way lately. The scale has definitely started moving for me.

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Glad everything is going well! I look forward to hearing the results of your additional US! I'm also on the see food diet, but as of Tuesday all I've gained is a whopping 1 lb. Totally different from my first 2 pregnancies!

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Glad you had a great appt! I'm on the see-food diet as well, and still losing weight ...

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Must be boys that are fattening!!!