Low fluid again!

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Low fluid again!

So I had my weekly apt to check my fluid, and it didn't look good. It was at a 4.5, so I had to have another NST which looked perfect. I also have to be scheduled for a dopplar u/s to check blood flow to my LO, which my dr said needs to be done tomorrow. Depending on that, I might be going in early to have her. Sad I guess it doesn't matter too too much, she was supposed to be delivered csect anyway, but I'm just worried that something may be wrong physically with her. I guess I will have more information tomorrow. This little girl is giving me a chest pains already!!

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Well, at least it isnt that long that you have to wait and worry. You will have your answers(and maybe your baby) soon! KUP k?

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Sorry it's getting complicated now. Like you said, at least you were already planning on the c-section to begin with. Hope everything turns out ok tomorrow. KUP!

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Oohhhh baby...Stop scaring your Mom! Hope your news is quick & positive tomorrow.

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Hope you get good news tomorrow!

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This is exactly what happened to me and LO was just fine! Just rest and drink lots of water.

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Thinking of you, and keep us posted!!!

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P&PT everything turns out well and she doesn't need to come out before the date you've already scheduled. KUP about tomorrow!