Lower back pain :(

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Lower back pain :(

I have NO clue what's going on but above my right butt cheek I am having sharp pain. It's been going on for a few days now (I am calling my doc in the am). The pain isn't consistent...but pretty frequent. Anyone have this before?!?

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Sorry that you are having trouble. I get that type of pain occasionally. I've been thinking it has to do with my sciatic nerve. Keep us posted!

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Is it your sciatic nerve? Like a shooting pain that makes it hard to move your leg?

Are you drinking enough water? My chiro told me once a lot of lower back pain is your kidney if you aren't drinking enough water.

KUP on what the Dr says!

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Oh yeah.. sciatica. I had no idea water could have to do with it, but I drink a ton of water.. I see a chiropractor to fix mine. Good luck!

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I have no advice but sorry you are having this pain. No fun at all.

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Sounds like sciatica to me. Sorry it's no fun I have it too. There's not much you can do - tylenol, chiropractor, I do back stretches - on all fours cat stretch, lay on my back pull one leg in then the other then both, pelvic tilts. I do a heating pad before bed. And keeping active is the best thing. I walk every morning and in the beginning it's so hard and I walk so slow because it hurts so bad but by the end it is totally loosened up. Hang in there!

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You ladies were right! It's the sciatic nerve. And it's no fun...which u ladies are right on, again! Lol. Oh well. I'm a tough cookie. I'm just glad it's nuthin serious. Thanks for everyones input.