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So I just ate my lunch which basically consisted of a salad with just lettuce and some carrots. Well I finish that and had left over dressing (Good Seasonings Itl..YUMM) and I started dipping my tortilla chips in it!:eek: OMG what the??? What is wrong with me? Oh yeah I'm pg! lol Anyone else doing weird things with food or strange cravings??

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Nothing weird at all. Which bites. I have never had or done aything weird with food in my 4 pregnancies. No fair lol

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I was making myself a glass of chocolate milk this morning (using Hershey's syrup) and for a second I thought about putting some chocolate syrup in my cereal and then I realized that would probably be disgusting! Smile It would probably be okay with Cocoa Puffs, but I was eating Honey Bunches of Oats! LOL!

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I was dipping pretzels in honey mustard sauce from my chicken strips. Not sure how odd that is... odd to me though! Quite tasty though!

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I've been really into chamoy lately. It's like a sweet hot sauce that is awesome on fruit. I can't get enough of it. Well DH bought ice cream and I didn't want any... until I thought about putting chamoy on it! It was really tasty :p. Dh thought I was crazy.

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I used to love having milk ...not anymore...hated tea esp. sweetened... well its my favourite drink now... still not too keen on any food { nothing tastes yum:-(.....} but can't wait for the cravings to start....

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nothing wierd but I have been craving all things spicey!