Margaret Mary arrived!

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Margaret Mary arrived!

Finally had her! My water broke in bed on Sunday night and I started having contractions right away. I spent about 4 hours in first stage, and then the contractions got so bad, they were all in my back and hard to cope with. I was so glad when it switched to the urge to bear down right as the midwives got to my home. I spent two hours pushing, and the burning got pretty unbearable but I spent most of it in the tub and that really got me through it. I did get out after a while and sit on the toilet which moved her downward. I got back in the tub when I could feel that her head was right there. I was so determined to get her out! When she crowned, they discovered a nuchal hand (she had her hand up in front of her face) so they had me flip over and push as hard as I could while they guided her out. I was disappointed I couldn't see her coming out, but my mom tried to get it on video so when I watch that, hopefully I can see something.

She is a big girl! 9 pounds and 8 ounces, 22 inches, and head was 14.5 inches. Because of the nuchal hand, I did suffer third degree tears and those were stitched up by an OB doctor. I also hemorrhaged as the placenta came out and lost 6 cups of blood but the midwives were so fast to control it! They gave Pitocin and massaged my uterus to stop the bleeding. I was very very impressed by their work and the comfort they gave me. And they stayed with me the whole time! I am so glad I had my baby at home because labor is very undignified and I needed the privacy of my home to get through it! I could not have let myself go like that in a hospital setting, with staff I didn't know attending me. And since my labor went so fast, it was incredibly intense and at the time, I didn't know how long it was going to go on. I was fully expecting a labor of at least 12-24 hours. It would have been easy to be pressured into medications I didn't want when I was out of my mind in pain and not knowing that it wasn't going to go on that intensely for another half day. I am so proud that I got that baby out into the warm, gentle environment of the water in her own home.

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Glad she's here and you're both doing well! Beautiful name:)

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Congratulations! My DD had her hand up by her face, too, and I also suffered a tear (2nd degree) so I totally understand! Thankfully, this second was different. Love the name you chose! Can't wait to see a pic!

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Congrats!!!! I'm glad that you were able to have the comfort of your home to get through it all!

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Congrats! That is so cool you got to have a home birth!

I think you win the biggest baby award. I'm pretty sure before your LO Caleb was in the lead at 9-3 :).

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Congrats on your girl!!!

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Gad she's finally here and that you're doing well!!

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what a great birth story! Congrats on the natural birth you were hoping for! Such a cute name. I like hearing "old fashioned" names. It's cute as a double name too. (we called DD by both names for a long time and still do some days)

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Congrats to you, and wonderful birth story!!