the massage....

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the massage....

Hasnt seemed to do anything yet as far as getting labor going, but boy oh boy, my muscles hurt! The baby had not moved in nearly 14 hours since the massage but she is going crazy now, and hurting me. Her little head is just grinding my pelvic bone and sending twinges of pain into my thighs.

dh has called 2 times already from work wondering if things started, and my mother in law and brother in law are texting me like crazy. Jeez! give me a break!

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Well I hope it does something. I am planning on going in on Thursday for my massage. I don't know if it will work either but it is still a massage.

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Hope it works and that your family gives you a break!

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I was 38 weeks 4 days when I thouht nothing was happening. Woke at 2 am the next morning 38 weeks 5 days with Maybe you'll be as lucky Smile