Maybe baby?

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Maybe baby?

So I've been having contractions since sunday ... only on or two an hour. Overnight they increased to 3-4 an hour, and have been getting more intense all day, really starting to get painful and needing to breathe through the start. Probably going into l&d in a little bit just to get checked out.

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Good luck! That's how I was with DS. KUP!!:)

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Good luck, gal!!!!! Thinking of you and can't wait to hear any news!! Biggrin :D

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Good luck! KUP.

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yay, good luck and can't wait to hear gillians story!!!

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You sound just like me except I'm stubborn and haven't gone in! I hope this is it for you! Biggrin

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Oh boy, I hope they keep going for you, KUP!!!

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Good luck!!! KUP

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Exciting! Good luck! KUP! Smile

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Good luck, I can't wait to hear the news!