Maybe I'm not so anxious anymore

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Maybe I'm not so anxious anymore

I woke up last night with a little bit of diarrhea and had probably a handful of "serious" contractions ... I forgot how not fun that is ... I mean if she wants to live in there so I don't have to go through labor it wouldn't be all bad ..... :eek:

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I know what you mean... In my case, I think it would just be cruel to make me start labor when I'm supposed to have a Csect. Biggrin

I had diarrhea today too & I was like Oh No... then I remembered I had oatmeal 2 mornings in a row. So, I'm pretty sure it was just the extra fiber. :confused:

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I have had quite a few painful contractions the last couple of days and they have jogged my memory too. (is it too early to get my epidural???) I am anxious but only to get it over with! He also dropped a lot on Saturday so everytime I get up or lay down I am half expecting a gush of water. I dont think this fella will make it to 40 weeks(wishful thinking?).

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Remember I had diarrhea all day Sunday and Monday and then I went into labor on Friday so it could be something!! Smile I'm pretty much convinced now that it was my body gearing up for labor. I'm so ready for another Pumpkin Pie!!

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I am also having that same issue. I was also up last night throwing up. Went in to my family doctor today and she said that I have a trace of blood in my urine. Maybe it is something starting up and maybe not.

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I have had an upset stomach since Sunday. I have also had some good contractions. I am guessing this is all part of the process.

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Yes Jules - BRING ON THE EPIDURAL NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Can I get all of ya'lls signs and symptoms??? I will gladly be the next to go through labor. I am sooooooooooo ready. I am miserable. My feet are SUPER swollen as are my cankles :-(. I am hoping when he checks me Thursday there is something going on..

On another note.....I went and walked around Old navy, Target, and Walmart today...bought some EPO and fresh pineapple. I am soooooo ready to get things going.

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I've had some of those issues as well the past dew days, but I figure I'm in it for the long haul lol.

I hope the contractions stay away for you until it's show time and you can quickly get your epidural :).

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