Menstrual-like cramps

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Menstrual-like cramps

Anyone else getting them? I've noticed them a few times since 30 weeks but it seems like since the weekend I've had them more and they're more noticeable. Not anywhere near enough to be worried about, but 'back then' at 30 weeks I'd have maybe 1 a day and not every day. But it seems like since Friday or Saturday I've had 5-6 noticeable cramps that last 30 or so seconds each over the course of a day. And now when I say noticeable, I mean I can feel them, but it doesn't really HURT hurt. I don't have to like stop what I'm doing and concentrate to get through it or anything.

Never experienced this with DD. Round ligament pain? Braxton Hicks? 'Real' contrax that are prepping my body for eventual labor?

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Yes, I've been getting them on and off for a week or two. I'm not 100% sure what they are - my OB said as long as I don't have other labor signs to go with them and I can make them stop with lying on my side and drinking water, there's nothing to worry about. They still surprised me, though!

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I've been cramping since last night. But, I don't know what a normal menstrual cramp pain feels like... mine were always horrible - double you over - can't function at all for the first day or two pains... so...

I do get BH frequently & I've had some sharp pains several times which could be RL or scar tissue adhesions.

Hope yours feel better soon!

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It could either be contractions or just the baby settling in down there and stretching things out ...

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"abh413" wrote:

I've been cramping since last night. But, I don't know what a normal menstrual cramp pain feels like... mine were always horrible - double you over - can't function at all for the first day or two pains... so...

Mine are usually the same way when I'm not on BC. I have been on BC constantly except when TTC or pregnant since I was 17 years old. Before that, I'd get them so bad that they would make me throw up and I'd lay on the cold tile in the bathroom floor in cold sweats unable to move. These are DEFINITELY not that bad lol

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Yep, I get them, and they get a bit more frequent each week. Not painful at all, just noticeable.

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I was in a lot of pain yesterday. I was having a lot of pack pain and those menstrual cramps you are talking about. I think mine are because I believe she has moved...maybe dropped? She feels like she is cradled down in my pelvis. I can hardly bend to wipe (sorry tmi). Maybe your LO dropped too?

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I had them quite a bit last night, enough to wake me up and keep me up, but none since 6am.

I think its a sign our bodies are getting ready, muscles getting ready for the hard work! And baby could start to settle down anytime. My doc said yesterday that usually between 33-34 weeks baby moves head down.

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I had them pretty often four weeks ago. Dr said it was probably her just kicking and irritating that area. He sent me in for an NST and sure enough that's what's it was just an irritation, no contrax with them. They have since gone away since the actual contrax have started. They were sure uncomfortable though!

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I have been getting some lately. Nothing crazy though like I think I am in labor or anything. It's usually at night so maybe it's from sleeping on my side. Sitting all day doesn't help either. I just think it's the body preparing for labor. I remember with DS when I was in labor, my cramps/contractions made me stop and bend over in pain. I haven't had anything like that yet.

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I've been getting them as well. I let myself get dehydrated over the weekend and it was way worse, all I could do was lie down, had to get my mom to come over and watch dd for me.

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I get them too :(. They're annoying but normal, like PPs said probably just our bodies getting ready.