Met my new OB today

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Met my new OB today

Got moved to Clarksville and saw my new doc today. He was pretty good! I'm so glad because I really was so so sad to leave my old OB so this really helped. He wanted to check me for dilation but I refused. Said he'd do a stretch and sweep next week and I told him I'd most likely refuse that. Said he'd want to induce if we went to 41 weeks, which is fine with me. Office staff was nice. Wait wasn't horrible. So all in all, pretty good Dirol

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Glad you liked your new OB! It's great to have someone you trust.

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Glad you liked him!

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I'm glad you're happy with your new Dr!

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I'm so happy you feel comfortable with your new doc. Good for you for refusing those interventions. It's awsome when a Mamma advocates for herself. Yay!!!!!

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It is hard to switch so late in a pregancy. I have only been with my group for about a month. Glad he listened to you and is not pressing for anything you don't want.

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Glad it went well. I don't blame you a bit on refusing the internals.