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I have been MIA last week since I had my Grandpa's memorial in CO. Flying at this stage was tough but I made it. And now I am leaving for a family reunion in Mexico for a long weekend. The flight is over 5 hours so I'm not sure how I will handle that. I hate sitting and there is no leg room!!! I am also not sure if I should really be in the sun for along periodof time. It's suppose to be 80 and I have 50 spf sunscreen so I think I should be fine and not burn like a lobster.Wish me luck!
I'm going to have DF take lots of swimsuit belly pics on the beach so I will post some when I get back next week!
I will miss reading all the posts. I am addicted to this site! Bye ladies!!!

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Have a safe trip and can't wait to see the bathing suit belly pics!! Smile Just make you keep re-applying that sunscreen. DH actually uses 100 spf. Not to keep from burning, but to keep from getting any darker than he already is. LOL!

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Have a wonderful trip!

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Have a great time!

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Have a wonderful trip!