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MIA because . . .

We have a sweet baby girl. Born at 12:39 am Tuesday on her due date. The delivery was not the way we planned, but the three of us are enjoying getting to know one another. I will post more when we are home and I have my computer.

Sarah Caroline
born October 4 at 12:39am
8lbs 6oz
19 and 3/4 inches

I'll be slowly reading the other new baby updates. Congrats to all I've read so far!

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Oohhh another little pumpkin pie. Congrats to you all on your new baby girl.

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Awe! Congrats! I love her name and can't wait to hear more and see pics!

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Congrats on your new baby girl!

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Congrats on the baby girl!

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Congrats on your little girl!

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Congrats!!! It's a beautiful name Smile

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:)big baby! so happy for you!:)

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Congrats! Welcome to the world Baby Sarah! I can't wait for a birth story and pics!

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Congrats on your new little princess!!