MIA but I'm back now :}

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MIA but I'm back now :}

Had a great 2 weeks with my Sister and we both got an awsome surprise on the 4th when my Aunt and Cousin came in from New Hampshire :} Went to Port Huron on sunday with the whole family and the Detroit Zoo on Monday also. The animals werent out on monday so it was a bummer that the girls didnt get to see them but everyone had fun anyway. Jenny stayed an extra 2 days to help out with the girls because she cursed me when she said "i cant belive you havent had any hemrriods with any of the pregnancy's" Ya I had 2 pop out the next day and it was pure hell. My OB sent me for surgery because both prolasped and formed blood clots { I didnt know this could happen} But everything seems to be healing good and I'm not in to much pain right now. I do have a higher chance of this happening again before baby gets here but I'm praying it wont happen. Hoping everyone had a great weekend.

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welcome back! Sounds like a fun trip minus the hemorrhoids. I'm scared to even type the fact that I haven't had them yet with this pregnancy for fear of being cursed! (had them with DD). Glad you got some relief. You may have a problem after labor. Mine kind of went away and then I had them after labor.

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Welcome back! I'm glad your trip went well... except for the hemorroids... that sounds miserable.

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Welcome back! Glad you are healing well!

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I'm so glad that everyone had fun! And so sorry about the hemorrhoids! I'm definitely not going to comment about never having had them for fear of cursing myself!