Mini Pill..

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Mini Pill..

Anyone started taking it yet?

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I took after dd1, had no issues, but it was a pain to remember to take it at EXACTLY the same time every day.

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I got my prescription on Thursday. I guess I'm going to start it on Sunday. I took it 2 months with DD1...but decided we wanted our kids close so I stopped worrying about it.

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no pills for me. Getting an IUD in a week.

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I could NOT get myself into the habit of taking it at the same time every day, so I got the shot. We'll see how it works for 3 months, then re evaluate!

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I took it after I had DS1 and I bled the entire 3 months I was on it! But I think I'm going to try it again since I don't want to risk an "oops" before DH gets snipped and in the transition period afterward.