Moms with toddlers ...

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Moms with toddlers ...

How is your toddler adjusting? Annabelle is doing fairly great most days, she does have her moments, most of which are aggression towards me, hitting and biting and kicking. We're trying to give her mostly positive attention for all the wonderful things she does do, and the minimum of negative attention for her aggression, just telling her no and removing her from the situation. Seems to be working, since we've been making the effort, we've seen a big improvement in her behaviour. Now if she would finish teething, life would be great.

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I've been really lucky. Rowynn thinks her brother is super awesome. We'll see how everything goes when I'm alone with them all .. Dh goes back to work tomorrow night, so other than about an hour in the morning (and a few hours every Sunday) I'll be alone with them all for the next month or so. :eek: