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Moms of two or more

How are the kids adjusting to the idea of a new LO around the house?

Stepdaughter (15) is excited. Despite her smart comments all the time. :mad:

9yr old son, coming around to the idea a lil.. He finally gave the baby a hug the other night before he went to bed.

6yr old son is loving it. He wants to be involved in as much as he can. He swears HIS baby sister is in there. LOL I told him I find out wed and he'd be one of the first to know.

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That is SO CUTE! We still haven't even TOLD DD :/ we're going away for a few days later this week, so we're planning on telling her after (so she won't worry while we're gone), and then we'll take her to our anatomy ultrasound on the 27!

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My kids are all pretty excited. My DD is threatening bodily harm if baby is a boy and not a girl but

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"mommy2four" wrote:

My kids are all pretty excited. My DD is threatening bodily harm if baby is a boy and not a girl but

Tell her to direct her anger towards daddy! It's HIS fault!!

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DS (3) is super excited, he likes the idea of a brother and is enthusiastically planning the toys he'll share and the guy stuff they will do together. He tries talking to him in my tummy and always asks if baby Caleb heard him. Sometimes he tells me he heard him talking back to him lol. He's an old pro at the little sibling thing :).

DD (20 months) is still pretty little to get what's going on. But she gives baby (my tummy) kisses when big brother does. And she'll point to my tummy and say "baby Caleb" :).

We told the kids once we found out LO was a boy, so it's still pretty new. But I think DS knew something was up anyways hehe.

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Both of my DD's are very excited. We ended up telling them very early around 7 or 8 weeks I think only because it was starting to become obvious, and I didn't want my 9yr old to hear gossip about it on the school playground lol Anyway so I am sure it will be a very long pregnancy for them. They are both desperate for another girl, god help us lol I think my 3yr old will be dangerous if it is a boy. She is constantly saying she does not want a brother. Every time we are in a store with baby stuff, she says we need to buy this and this and this lol it is very cute.

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My 4yr is excited and told DH that he would be very disapointed in him if the baby was a boy. He really wants a sister. DS2 is only 16months so he does not really understand.