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Monday QOTD

What temp do you keep your house in the summer?

Sorry this is late... Internet has been acting up today.

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I usually keep the thermostat on 70 F when it's hot. Then the house usually stays about 70-73 F. I let it get a touch warmer to sleep.

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We keep ours around 73 in the summer. We do sleep with a fan, DH is very warm blooded.

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About 76-77

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78-79........and with our temps it runs ALL THE TIME.....

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Pretty Warm

79 or 80 with lots of fans. Anything lower and we'd have a $300 electricity bill.

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We try to hold off as long as possible the air conditioner in!

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around 76 during the day and 73 around the time DH gets home b/c that's where he likes it. On nice days like today, I make sure to cut the AC off and open windows.

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72-74. We have ceiling fans in the living room and bedrooms and extra fans in the bedrooms.

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We keep it around 73. I think it's a little cooler in DH and I's room.

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~75 during the day Smile

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we dont use air conditioning, so whatever the outside temp is, its usually about 5-10 degrees warmer.

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It's about 72. I never feel that hot in the house so it's perfect!

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We don't have air conditioning, but it usually stays around 20-24 degrees in here.

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Our year around temps are between 40 and 65, an actual average of about 55. We may have one or two nights below freezing and 2-3 days above 70 a year. So we typically use our heat at night all but about a month or two. This time of year I occassionally have the electric heaters on a little during the day to take the chill out and sometimes even a fire overnight. We live on the beach but Oregon does not have warm beaches. If we go like 10 miles inland or drive an hour over to the valley where Portland/Corvallis/Eugene are then you have more typical summer temps. We go over to Corvallis about every couple weeks in the summer to swim at an outside pool. All our pools on the coast are indoor pools. I actually envy all of you with hot summer weather. I grew up in Ohio, I miss the summers but not the snowy winters.

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We don't have central air either :). So it's always around whatever temperature it is outside.