Monday QOTD

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Monday QOTD

Do you have "mommy brain"? How bad has it gotten?

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I have it big time. Most of the time, I feel all over the place. I can barely remember what day it is. I can't wait to see how bad it gets when I'm sleep deprived too. Smile

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Most definately I almost gave my 3 yr old my vitamin instead of her gummy one the other day. That is probably the worst it has gotten. But yep I am always going ustairs for things then I forgot what I went for. Or calling things by the wrong name, for example yesterday I was telling my DH the spoons on the table after dinner were clean, he was looking at me weirdly. There were no spoons only knives on the table, and I was sat looking at them as I said it lol

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My mommy brain isn't that bad.. yet (I feel it coming on). I have also called things by the wrong name, and when I took DD swimming last Monday, I left half of my swim suit at home! I was lucky that the life guard took her in for her lesson that day.

My real issue has been dropping things! I can be holding something and not change anything about my hold and it'll just fall out of my hand!

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Mommy brain isn't all that bad yet, although I will call people by the wrong name on occasion. Like Lisa, my real issue is dropping things now.

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I am much more forgetful. Also I am calling on kid by the others name all the time but not sure if that is a pregnancy brain or not since DH does it too.

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I have it BAD, really bad this time. I never had it with DS. I will be having a conversation and then not remember the word "hamper" or whatever it happens to be and have to completely stop and think. It's super frustrating!

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Mommy brain here! I left the garage door open all day while I was at work. I have gone to get something to eat at a restraunt and forgot to order half of what I wanted. I've already forgotten stuff that I have forgotten to do. This one is embarrassing but true... Someone asked me what time it was and I truely forgot how to read the clock... I just said I couldn't see very well! LOL

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My "mommy-brain" has been awful!!! I forget what words I'm looking to say and when I teach salsa, I forget how to explain the steps! I literally stand there like "duh..." It's so embarassing! lol.

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yup.....mine is pretty bad. Last weekend I had told my DD to go do something and then like 10 min later she was still standing in the kitchen so I was like "GO DO WHAT I TOLD YOU TO!!!" Then had to look at my mom and ask what it was I had asked her to

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I have my moments. It really bothers me when I forget something that I know I should remember. I agree that it will be really interesting to see how bad this gets when I am sleep deprived as well.

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Yes, bad. I feel just plain ol' dumb about 99% of the time.

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Oh yes! I forget where I'm going when I'm driving, I call my kids by each other's name, I drop stuff and I can never remember what to call things! I feel like it gets worse every time too. But I know it's because I have gotten pregnant the last 2 times with kids who still get me up at night :p.