Monday QOTD

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Monday QOTD

How often do you change your bed sheets? If you have LOs... Do you change their sheets on the same schedule?

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Sheets get changed every sunday and I wash the Blankets once a month, this is for everyone in the house. The older kids do thier own stripping and making but I will change dd2 and dd3 sheets. I just love the feeling of clean sheets :}

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Not nearly as often as I should, maybe every 2 weeks?

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Every Week

Hubby and I both have a tendency to have allergies. He's also mildly allergic to cats, and we have a cat, so we wash whatever we can each week to help with his allergies. By the way, though he's allergic to cats, he and the cat are completely in love with each other, and he lets her walk all over him.

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I try to change them every week. I love clean sheet day. Smile

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Dh is in charge of this ... I think every couple of weeks for us, and I change dd's sheet every week or so.

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Whenever I get around to it. LOL. Usually every couple weeks unless I feel like they need washed. I alwas wash the pillowcases once a week, expecially on DS's bed. He pees the bed alot so his sheets get washed more often. I told DF that we better get more sheets for our bed because the LO will throw up on them alot. He might just have to learn the hard way!

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Whenever they need it lol We have two dogs who shed so it's pretty often. I don't have a 'schedule' tho. Same for S's sheets, they get changed when they need it.

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About every 2 weeks but sometimes in the summer it is more often. DS2 get changed weekly when I do his laundry.

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I wash everyone's sheets every week but only do duvet covers/blankets once a month (actual duvets I put out on the line to air out).

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Usually on Sundays. I love clean sheets too & also have a duvet cover hoarding fetish so I have to rotate them often to get to see them all.

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I change everyone's sheets every Saturday. I'm usually pretty anal about it, but if I'm too tired it's generally the first thing to get bumped to the bottom of my chore list :).

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Don't have a specific day or how often. Whenever I think about it, when the weather is nice I do them more often as they are so much nicer when dried outdoors. I probably don't do them as often as I should lol DH and I are both pretty laid back so, often chores get missed for fun things lol But so far we have all survived so I am not bothered about it Smile