Monday QOTD

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Monday QOTD

Who's on your "I'm at the hospital/I'm in labor" Call List?

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We won't really need to call anyone since I'm a scheduled Csect. We will give immediate family (my parents, his parents & siblings, my best friends) the specific details. Everyone else will probably just find out on Facebook. (Last time, when I wasn't scheduled, Facebook was great. We were able to give out a play by play once we were at the hospital & it helped pass the time.)

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I'm a repeat c-section also, so no need to call anyone. We will send out a text after baby is born with his/her picture and birth stats but that's about it.

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My husband! LOL. Crossing my fingers that I won't go early, so I don't have this issue though. Other than that probably just my parents and a friend to figure out where Abby will stay. Once we're settled in, I'll probably end up sending out one big text to my friends and other family.

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Just my mom, who will join us, and the in-laws, who will be watching Annabelle. They will be in charge of letting the rest of the family know.

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I really have not decided. For sure it will be both sets of parents, siblings, and maybe a few close friends. I am sure I will update on FB.

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Close friends and family. I let Dh decide.

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Such big decisions! Not sure what we're going to do. I'm afraid being my first time that I'll have false labor and give everyone the message too early. WHen we know for sure... our parents and sisters and a couple close friends. Depending how long it is, I'm sure there will be a facebook update Smile

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We will call whatever family isn't already here helping watch DD. I'm not sure I'll call anyone other than family. I might text a few friends. I probably won't even update Facebook until DS is with us Smile I don't like a mad rush at the hospital!

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Since I'm a repeat c-section too everyone will know the time/date before hand. My parents will probably call people after. I'll probably post on facebook from my phone pretty soon after and DH will upload "good pictures" later that night after everyone has gone home probably.

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Since we live with my mom she'll know immediately, then we have to get my brother here to watch the other kiddos. My good friend and mom are going to the hospital with me...but I'll probably send out a mass text when we head to the hospital and then either I or my friend Liz will update facebook...

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Just mine and DF's parents. I think DS is going to DF's dad's so he will definitely know! LOL. My parents are far away and plan to jump in the car when they get the call and be there when we get home from the hospital. I am sure I will keep them updated throughout and they will let everyone else know. Last time I was calling people through contractions... they all thought I was nuts!

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my inlaws (if they dont alreayd know because they'll be taking the boys0
my parents

And I'll probably keep friends updated on facebook, that way I can also inform people I do not want visitors right away.

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If DH isn't with me at the time, then obviously it will be him. Smile Otherwise, it will be our parents, my sister, and our office. I'll make an announcement on FB too so I don't have to contact all my friends.

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Just my parents and DH's parents. I will probably text a couple of close friends. I don't plan on updating facebook, but if things are slow . . . Smile

Hey I guess if things are slow I could always update here. Smile

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My parents, DH's parents, my friend who will watch my daughter till either mine or DH's parents can get to TN. Biggrin

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Parents and Siblings

My husband will be notifying the parents and siblings.

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I'll have to get my mom up here to watch my kiddos. After that we won't be in a rush to tell anyone :). It took SOOOO long with DD(32 hours) I'm hesitant to get anyone excited lol.