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Monday QOTD

Have you picked out & contacted the pediatrician you are going to use?

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Yep... I'm good to go. I'm using the same one DD sees. I was worried that he wasn't accepting new patients but apparently that gets waived since DD is already his patient.

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Sort-of. DS's pediatrician will be in the same practice as DD's, but I think I am going to switch to another doctor Smile

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yes and no. I have one listed with my OBGYN that will see him at the hospital. I'll probably use that ped. for the few appointment, but I can't see myself driving 42 miles every time I need to take him or if he's sick. I haven't researched pediatricians in one of the closer towns yet....don't know if there are any actually. May just be family practices.

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We don't use pediatricians here unless you have a problem usually. We just use our family doctors.

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Yes, I interviewed a few and we settled on one. I was worried about that process, but it was easier than I expected.

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Yep, we'll be going to the same practice we've been going to. Smile

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Yes! LO will use the same family doctor as me and DS. I like him alot and did good with DS so I just figured it was easy to use him again. All the pediatricians around here are so busy and can barely get sick kids in same day. Our family doctor rarely has a wait and can get us in same day!

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I am absolutely using the same one DS goes to. He is amazing! I cant ask for anything better. And when we have to go in for an "emergency", the other doctors are great too!

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OBGYN Referral

Yep. I got a referral from my OBGYN.

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Posts: 707 idea. It'll have to be one that takes medicaid therefore can't be the same as my other kids DR. as they are still covered under my ex-DH's military insurance.

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eep, no I haven't! I need to find a new one for DS and the baby.

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Yes, we are using the same Pediatrician team that we take DD to. They only accept newborns & they are great!

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Yep, using the same family practitioner that I and dd see. He's fantastic!

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We got a recommendation from our birth class teacher and had an interview with that doctor. We really liked him and were happy with our choice until a friend had some negative things to say. Not I am second guessing our decision. :/

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Yup using the same one that dd2 and dd3 are using

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We're using the same one our other kids use :).