More than one virus

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More than one virus

Well as I was helping dd get through a stomach virus yesterday it seems I was hit with a virus of another kind. A computer virus! What a day. Don't know how long I'll be MIA. I'm writing this from my phone. The virus won't let me launch IE and all my files (pics) from thus year are gone. Luckily I have some still on ash drives and others loaded to Internet sites so it's not a total loss. Will post again when I can. DD turns five next week to with all this going on I still have to make her cake and get the house ready for Saturdays get together. ::sigh:: when it rains it pours!

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Oh that really sucks!! Sad I'm glad to hear you didn't lose ALL your pics though... My little Dec 2006 baby has her birthday in just a couple weeks! Smile We're going to take her to Build a Bear to celebrate.

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Oh man that sucks! Glad to hear that you didn't lose everything!

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Ugh, what an annoyance :/ Sorry you had to go through this stuff Blum 3

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we made it through the stomach virus without anyone else getting sick. My friend had a computer guy in town and he's got my desktop. He only charges $65 to clean up the hardrive and get rid of a virus. I pulled our our ancient laptop and it works good enough to jump on and keep up with everything, but overheats quickly, so hard to post. We're making it through the week and moved abby's get together to Sunday, so maybe I can get it all done!