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Moved and Update

Hi Ladies!!!
I will try to make it short. We are getting settled in at new house in Denver and most of our boxes have been unpacked. We are glad to be out of Chicago. Yeah!!! I am driving to MN for a wedding this weekend and staying for a week so we can go to another wedding. I had my 28 week apt today and everything is going great. I am measuring 3 weeks ahead so I will have an U/S at my next apt. I love the new practice and the MW was awesome. They are much more concerned with your wellbeing than my last Dr. We are also going to discuss waterbirths and my other options for labor. It is a really nice change. I think that is about it for now. Hope everyone one is doing well and I will try and catch up on the post that I have missed.

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Glad your move went so smoothly, and congrats on finding a practise you like! Enjoy the weddings Smile

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Yay for being moved! I'm glad your appt went well & that you have so many options... that is always nice. Smile

Make sure you check out the Gift Exchange thread if you want to participate. The sign up deadline is THIS Sunday. Here's the link...

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that's great that it all went smoothly! I know the feeling of getting out of Chicago! Enjoy the wedding and we'll look forward to "seeing" you back around more often. Smile

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Welcome back and congratulations on your big move! I hope you have a wonderful trip.

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Sounds like everything is going good! Have a good time!