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I was lurking on the Sept board and saw that some ladies have been feeling movement since they were 12 weeks. The past couple of days I felt what feels like little flutters and I just brushed it off as gas, but now I'm starting to wonder. I remember that I felt DS pretty early (15-16 weeks) and I have heard you can feel your second a lot sooner. I only feel it when I'm sitting down and very sporadic. You think baby or is it just gas?

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Are you 12 weeks now? I would say it could be. I thought I felt some movement last week but knew it was way too early. Havent felt it since. But just because you know what that little worm feels like you will recognize it much earlier this time around! Cant wait to be feeling him or her squirming around in there! It is such a wonderful comforting feeling to know(and feel) that someone else is actually with you all the time!

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I guess it could be! I love that feeling Smile

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Right from the moment Robbie was born I missed the kicking and squirming, I can't wait to feel it again.

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It could be!! Smile

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I'll be 13 weeks tomorrow. I'm pretty convinced that it was the baby. Its just a different feeling than gas. I can't wait until I start feeling the strong kicks! Smile

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I say yes!

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It could be those first little flutters! I felt dd just before 16 weeks, and you could feel her stronger wiggles from the outside at 17 weeks.

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I felt Ds 2 at about 14 weeks ish and i thought that i was going crazy but it was him by 16 weeks DH could feel him to ..

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I'm feeling flutters too but I'm not sure if it's baby or gas. I'm thinking gas because when I had the nuchal scan on Thursday baby was like kickboxing or something in there and I couldn't feel it then, so...

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I'm 12 weeks (signature is wrong) and I feel movement! It's very soft but this is my third baby (6th pregnancy), I know what movement feels like! Congrats to you, I can't wait to feel those little kicks get stronger!!!! Smile

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Nothing yet, but I haven't hit 12 weeks yet. I felt DD between 12 and 13 weeks, so I doubt it'll be much longer :woohoo:

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I have been having strong like someone is tugging from the inside feeling two to theee times a day for over two weeks, but have convinced myself it must be something else but no idea what. It is a strong movement, not light or mild at all.

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