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So I am trying to figure out if I am feeling baby move or not. I feel like this weird little vibration feeling, and I felt it where I could hear baby on the doppler, the hb and the movement.

I dont remember feeling anything small with prior pg's, nothing till I got the thumps, around 15-16 weeks. But that was long ago, maybe I noticed something early on.

anyone else getting this kind of feeling?

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I feel little movements, but they're more like bumps.. and they are very few and far between. I have little knowledge of flutters as my daughter was a 'bumper' too!

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I am pretty sure I have been feeling baby for a few days. I felt my DD around 14 weeks as well although I was farther along with all my boys

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I have felt a few bumps too but in the past I always felt the flutters first. I was not thinking that was the baby since it was not flutters now you have me thinking it was the baby.

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I felt flutters with DS and now with this baby and it does feel like a vibration feeling. To me it always feels like little bubbles popping.

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I felt "flutters" a few times. It started last week (right at 13 weeks). If I wasn't paying attention though I would have missed them.

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My movement that I feel is just at the top of my pubic hair and sorta feels like a little hand lightly tickling my insides. It is usually when I am sitting at the computer since I am bent over all crunched up. I bet that is what you are feeling too!

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"OregonJewels" wrote:

. It is usually when I am sitting at the computer since I am bent over all crunched up.

I finally figured out thats whats causing all the cramps!!!