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mucus plug-updated

** so I finally got in touch with my doctor friday evening, once the pain was a bit too much for me, she assumed kidney stones and said to go to er since she couldnt see me all week. I went in a few hours later and by the then the pain, again, had not been bad. The took blood and urine and gave me an iv for fluids, and did a sono on baby, gall bladder, and kidney.
They could see stones still in my kidney, which they said I shouldnt be able to feel, and he said since the pain was also going across my upper abdomen it might have been contractions, or even just a pulled muscle (which I know its not).

I was there about 3.5 hours and they thought it was best I go home and rest rather then having me sit in L&D on a monitor if I was feeling not as bad.

still have pain but not as bad, couldnt lift anything over the weekend so i couldnt do my babysitting job, but the quite time was nice.

so all in all nothing bad, or major, and im feeling better Smile

has anyone ever lost part of their plug early in pregnancy?

Today, for the 3rd or 4th time, I have had this very odd sensation "down there" like someone was sticking me with a needle, or some sharp object, then I have this mass of stuff that passes.

At around 2:30 today I started having severe right back pain, same pain I had when I had kidney stones 7 years back, I was still babysitting and still had to pick up ds from a friends, so I just drank lots of water and tried to ignore it. By 4:30 it was literally knocking the breath out of me, but I was driving to get ds and had to wait for him to get ready to go...

as we were driving home i started having the weird stabbing pain in the lower region, along with this warm sensation, so hard to explain, and went to the bathroom when we got home, and again, had this large mass of stuff.

during this time I had called my doc who said to go to er as it sounded like kidney stones and she wouldnt be able to see me, dh is over an hour away, hospital is 40ish minutes away, and i cant take kids to er with me, so i said I would just wait for him to get home.

its been an hour though and most the pain is gone! could this have just been baby pushing down?

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IDK about mucus plug but the amount and frequency of my discharge has incresed over the past couple weeks....

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I get a lot of what you described myself, it's so bad actually I have to use pantyliners or I will be going through multiple pairs of underwear. I have found it's become worse with each subsequent pregnancy (started striking with the third pregnancy). I personally wouldn't be concerned about the mucous plug but more the possible kidney stones. If you have any issues going on with your kidneys it could cause early labour. Your mucous plug actually regenerates itself often believe it or not during pregnancy so heavy discharge/wetness is normal for most women.

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I agree its probably just discharge, but if you're concerned I would talk to your dr. Like Sally said, your plug can regenerate itself, but I still don't think its normal to actually lose it this early. I lost mine with DS around 33w and didn't go into labor until 39w. It was like a golf ball sized blob and streaked with blood(TMI I know!), but you probably knew that lol. I hope you don't have kidney stones!

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On it's own the discharge probably wouldn't bother me, but with the pain.... I think I would call the OB and see what they say.

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Did you go in? I would have for the pain. I think you should get it check out.

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I just want to restate that the mucous plug regenerates.

Hoping your pain goes away soon.

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I have never noticed losing mine. Even when I went into labour on my own and had my daughter at home. As for discharge I have had loads this pg. Way more than I ever remember before. I have to wear a pantyliner everyday and sometimes have to change it mid way through the day. It is crazy. Everyday it looks like what people describe as there mucous plug but obviously it can't be lol

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Any update? Hope you are doing well!

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Glad to hear they found out what is going on, please take good care of yourself and get lots of rest! Smile

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Glad it was nothing too bad. Keep advocating for yourself if you are still feeling the pain. Take care!

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