My 36w Apt

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My 36w Apt

I was supposed to get an u/s to check my fluid level, but since I was at L&D on Sunday (baby had decreased movement), they said I can hold off. I got weighed, up to 140, BP good, everything looked good. Now here's where I started to get a little POed. When I went to get my glucose test (they forgot it at 28w, so I got it done just a couple weeks ago) they wanted them to draw blood to check my hemoglobin and platelet levels (I think that's what she said), well they forgot, so now I have to pay ANOTHER copay and take time off of work to go get my blood drawn. And I have low iron levels, so they want me to start on them now, which totally would explain why I am so much more tired then I have been. Then they tell me that I need to get the strep B test done...even though 2 different drs said that I didn't need it because 1- tested positive in my urine, and 2 since I am getting a section it doesn't need to be done. WELL, they wanted to do it for scientific purposes. Ugh really?? So basically the apt was a pain, but I got to hear her HB, and I get to see her again Tuesday am for another u/s.

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Sounds frustrating. It drives me nuts when each doctor in the office has a different opinion and view on how things need to be handled.

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That's annoying! You def don't have to have the GBS test if you are having a Csect... sounds like they are just running up costs. I can't believe they have forgotton to do so much with you... that's very frustrating & I'm sure it makes you uneasy. Yay for another U/S though!

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Yeah I'd put up a stink about that copay. Wouldn't you get charged anyhow if you forgot to go to your appointment? Lame! You could just refuse the GBS test if you wanted to make a stink. If I remember right, they test for that when you go to the hospital anyhow if you go into labour. Is that right? I never understood why they did the test 2x.

Sorry you're frustrated. It does sound like a $$$ grab doesn't it?

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Sorry you had such a frustrating appt! I can't believe they've forgotten so much with you.

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well that's annoying! I probably would have declined the test if they were going to make me pay another copay and since they wanted to do one "for science". It's one reason why health care is so outrageous to begin with. At least you had a good apointment as far as baby goes.

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So frustrating. They need to get organized!