My 9wk old...

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My 9wk old...

Weighs 17lbs 1oz and is wearing 9mo clothes! People always think he's at least 4-6 months old! My lil big boy Smile

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WOW!!! Way to grow baby. Smile

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Wow, good job baby boy!!

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Wow! Way to grow!

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Wow! What a big boy!! That's how my nephew was. Went from 0-3 months to wearing 9 month clothes. He's 6 now and looks like a 4th grader. LOL!

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Way to go mama! That's a big boy!

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Wow, it sounds like he's a healthy boy!!!

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What a big boy! Caleb is 7 weeks tomorrow and his 6m clothes are getting pretty snug, so I know how you feel!